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An interview feature with award-winning designer David Fruscione about design and decor, by Design + Decor Magazine:

What is your interior design philosophy, and how does it apply to meeting your client’s design needs?

I truly believe that my mission in life is to create spaces that people thrive in. It’s important to me to really listen to what my clients are looking for. I am creating a space for them, so I want them to love it. I like to make the process very collaborative but get them to think outside the box. If you are resourceful and creative, it’s amazing what can happen!

How do you define luxury design?

I don’t think of luxury as needing to be very expensive; rather, I think of it as a feeling you get when things you love all come together. A curated space, filled with pieces that have good energy, is the most luxurious feeling to me.

What inspires you inside and outside the interior design world? 

I am often inspired by music. Listening to evocative music makes my mind create spaces and see colors and transports me to different environments.

What is the best interior design lesson you have learned? 

To create something fabulous doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money or order from high-end resources. I have found that being skillful and creative can yield impressive results.

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