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Naples Illustrated featuring David Fruscione about wallpaper

The Writing’s on the WALL, WALLPAPER is making a major comeback

David Fruscione, an award-winning designer and owner of Republic of Decor in Naples, shares his thoughts on the new personality of wallcovering and where it likes to hang these days. (

NI: What overall trends are you seeing in wallcoverings?
Fruscione: When I do wallpaper consultation in my shop, clients are drawn to the inspiration wall, which highlights the latest offerings from the best wallcovering lines in the industry. The most popular designs tend to be large-scale murals, handmade papers, metallic-embellished naturals, and graphic prints.

Are there particular rooms that are becoming more or less popular to use wallcoverings in? 
Wallpaper allows you to create a space where you can think outside of the box and be adventurous. Often, we select bold or artful designs to use in a powder room or even a laundry room because the space is small and contained, creating that perfect spot for an unexpected wow. I think we all love the feeling of an escape, especially these days.

What’s trending in terms of patterns and designs?
The top trends are panoramic landscape murals, 3D patterns, and oversized textures.

What are your thoughts on mural wallpaper?
Murals are all the rage because you can scale them to fit the wall. Whether it is a landscape, a trompe l’oeil, or a work of art, murals are dynamic and impressive.

What myths or outdated ideas about wallpaper should be debunked? 
I often hear from customers how much wallpaper has changed after seeing what is displayed in the shop. People think of grandma’s florals or a tacky flocked paper that was up in their house when they were young. Today’s offerings are fresh, reimagined, and sophisticated. It is now en vogue to use wallpaper. It makes more sense to select a focal wall in a room to apply paper than to paint a room a saturated color in my opinion.

What innovative types of wallcoverings have come out in recent years? 
I get the most excited when I can work with a client to create a custom wallpaper. With technology and some imagination, a digital design can be developed and personalized for a space.

What’s your favorite wallcovering project that you’ve been a part of? 
I recently worked on the Ronald McDonald House expansion in Fort Myers and created a custom wallpaper for their powder room. I partnered with an artist, developed a print, and collaborated with a vendor who brought my vision to life.

What designer wallcovering companies do you love?
There are so many great companies out there, but I tend to lean toward the European lines because they are a bit more fashion-forward and edgy. I recently installed a fabulous wallpaper from fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier in the shop.

If one of your clients wanted to create a statement-making accent wall, what would you recommend? 
I am all about personalization, so I would suggest finding a drawing or photo that means something to them, then use that image to create a custom pattern that is inspired by it.

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wallpaper feature with David Fruscione
David Fruscione in a feature, answering questions about decor and wallpaper